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Time-honored Donglaishun Joined Hands with Malaysian Partner

Respective Companies :东来顺集团
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October 17, Donglaishun Group and HOT&ROLL(Shanghai)Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. signed MOU in Beijing through careful investigation and many times of consultations in earlier stage and reached preliminary intent with regard to jointly developing “HOT&ROLL” brand in the future. Vice President of Beijing Tourism Group Bai Fan, Assistant President of Beijing Tourism Group and also Chairman of Donglaishun Group Hou Weijun as well as the representatives of both parties attended the ceremony.

HOT&ROLL(Shanghai)Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. is a joint venture specialized in catering enterprise management, market planning and marketing, with foreign investment background and strong strength. The cooperation between the two sides aims to open the Chinese market, introduce Malaysian leisure fast food brand “HOT&ROLL” and let the consumers experience pure Southeast Asian style in Beijing. Meanwhile, it also widens the road for multiple types of operation of Donglaishun. After the signing of MOU, the two sides will turn to actual operation phase of investment cooperation.