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“Love Team” of Fleet 9 of No.3 Branch Under Shouqi Group Offered Service for Old People’s Home on Double Ninth Festival

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On Double Ninth Festival, “Love Team” of Fleet 9 of No.3 Branch under Shouqi Group, composed of eight persons and led by the team leader Wang Liandong, came to Yishoufu Old People’s Home located in Xibeiwang Town to offer service for the elderly.

The old people happily welcomed their arrival as if seeing their loved ones when they just came in the door. The main task of “Love Team” this time was to help the old people to have their hair cut, the team leader Wang Liandong made arrangement, Wang Jinguo, Han Jianzhong and Tan Shaojie were responsible for haircut, while others helped the work of the Old People’s Home. The three drivers who were responsible for haircut took out haircut tools prepared earlier and skillfully and carefully cut hair for 15 old people to make them have a new mental look. Afterwards, they also cleaned up the house, repaired wheelchairs and helped the old people solve a lot of problems, which made those old people very happy. At the time of parting, the old people held the drivers’ hands and were reluctant to part.

“Love Team” has been serving the Old People’s Home for more than three years, they have brought happiness and sent warmth to the elderly, their acts have moved those old people spending their remaining years here and fully reflected their noble moral character of selfless dedication and being forward to help others. This is the positive energy needed by the whole society and an example to everyone to learn.